Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brittany goes back to work.

Brittany’s eight weeks of maternity leave flew by just like I knew they would. I couldn’t bear the thought of little Kennedy in daycare at that tender age so John and I headed back to Charleston to take care of her for that first week at least.

I figured it would give Brittany a chance to get used to going back to work without the added burden of getting the baby ready and dropping her off and later picking her up too.

And of course it meant she’d be all ours every day!!

I don’t know what it is that makes me so mesmerized with her! I just hold her and sing to her and walk her around. Doesn’t matter if she’s awake or asleep, but let me tell you when those blue eyes are open and looking into yours…..


I took all kinds of things with me to do. An upcoming vacation to plan, two books to read and write reviews on, all kinds of saved emails to catch up on, a swimsuit and tennis racquets.

I got virtually nothing done. Nothing!! Me who has the biggest daily to-do lists of anyone I know pretty much went dormant for a week!

But, I’d do it again. Exactly the same!

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