Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Visit to Charleston

Back in Charleston and headed to our second (annual) Teddy Bear Picnic with Cocoa the Bear.

One of the booths at the picnic created this princess crown for Kennedy! 

One of Kennedy's favorite things to do with us is play hide and seek and chase each other. She gives us a good workout!

 John's mom's ashes are in the Citadel's Bell Tower. We stopped to visit after the picnic.

 Kennedy helping her daddy plant flowers. Love that he bought her Paws gardening gloves!!

And her mommy bought her a Troll's bike helmet. She loves all things Trolls!

Cherished memories from this visit: How independent she has gotten! From dressing herself or making something work it's "Kennedy do it herself!" and when it's accomplished, "Kennedy did it!"

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kennedy stops by - and there's SNOW!

Brittany and Kennedy stopped by for lunch last Friday on their way up the mountain to visit friends for the weekend.

I love that she went straight from their car, through our family room and up the stairs to her playroom. She not only remembers everything, but feels at home! :)

After lunch we had a little time to play in the snow:

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Celebrating a New Year with Kennedy

It was the in-laws year for Christmas this time, so John and I drove down to Charleston the following weekend. We decided that the day we arrived would be our Christmas and the next day New Year's Eve. (Which it really was.)

Kennedy was napping when we arrived, giving us a chance to unpack, get settled and play one of our favorite games; Catch Phrase. Boys against Girls. (And girls almost always win!)

As soon as she woke up we opened presents, then because the weather was so nice and supposed to turn much colder for the rest of the week we headed to their local playground for a bit.

Then Christmas dinner!!
Sunday after church the guys went to see Star Wars while the girls put together a gingerbread house.
That night the adults went downtown Charleston for a New Year's Eve dinner.

I can never remember if we're supposed to end the year with the people we love most, or begin the new year with the people we want to be with the most in the upcoming year. But, either way - we've got it covered! Happy 2018!

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmasy Weekend with Kennedy

We got to take care of Kennedy the first weekend in December while her mom was in a friend's wedding. So we crammed as much Christmas in as we could! Above she is dressed to attend our neighborhood social with us. 

Saturday morning, "Get up Nana! Get up Papa!"

We went to a Cookies and Carols Concert. Enjoying her cookie after.

 Quick stop at the store.

Christmas Parade

Outdoor Nativity

Playing with my trolls. Loved how she lined them up!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Over the River and Through the Woods.....

Kennedy and Brittany took a road trip with us to my family's in Illinois for Thanksgiving:

First gas stop on our 13-hour trip.

We decorated K's great-grandma's Christmas tree the first morning.

And did a little yoga...

Ready for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's

Went into Chicago to get K a baby doll at American Girl

Stopped for lunch on the way home. Fun with jams!

At the hotel on the way home you could mail Christmas cards to needy children!
Wonderful Trip! #Blessed

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricane Irma brings Kennedy back to Hickory

Another fall. Another hurricane alert. Another visit from Brittany and Kennedy as they evacuate Charleston. Just like last year, though, Charleston was spared. Thank goodness!

Love having Baby K at our house!

Kennedy found her mommy's wedding veil.

John and I took her to a Sculpture Celebration one afternoon

Kennedy always looked to see if Papa's boat was still there!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Rainy Days

I usually am not a fan of rain, but how could I not smile looking at the fun Kennedy is having!

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