Monday, January 25, 2016

First Snow! Sort of.

We've been snowed in for three days here. Charleston meanwhile had a couple flakes in the air Saturday morning, so Brittany rushed to put Kennedy in her snow outfit (or two) and take her outside for the big event!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Christmas Visit

Because we were with Brittany and Kennedy for Thanksgiving, I encouraged Brittany to visit Dan's family over the actual Christmas holiday again this year.

They were home by the day after and we arrived that evening!

It actually worked out well for an unexpected reason. Kennedy had had a cold for several days, but John and I had planned to keep her out of daycare that Monday to play with her anyway. After Brittany got off work that night she took Kennedy in to make sure it wasn't anything more serious, and it was. RSV. We were told to use an inhaler twice a day, a humidifier while she slept, give her lots of fluids and keep her out of daycare for a week. She was highly contagious!

So we kept her Tuesday, Dan was off Wednesday (the day we went home) and Brittany off Thursday through Sunday for the New Year's holiday. By the following Monday she was over it.

And I had a cold!

It was worth it though. Lucky for us she never really acted that sick. She's such a happy baby and it was a joy to be with her, quarantined or not!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Road Trip with Baby K

We were delighted when Brittany and Kennedy decided to travel to Chicago with us for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Dan couldn't get off work, but it was important to Brittany that Kennedy meet my mom and my three sisters and their families.

The bad news was that we had to make the twelve hour drive in one day because Brittany had to work Tuesday.

They arrived at our house late Tuesday night and we loaded up our car and took off Wednesday morning.

Kennedy could not have been better! (She slept a lot!)

It was so much fun showing her to everyone and just being with her. Getting her up in the morning, (there is nothing like feeding her that first bottle when she's staring into my eyes with her little hands gripped on the bottle) walking her around on my hip showing her things, talking to her...

On the way home we did break up the trip, staying at a hotel in Kentucky. Again she was a little champ!

Much to be thankful for!

Above with my mom, making 4 generations

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baby Fashionista

My daughter, Brittany, loves to shop. (Everyone who has read any of my stories in the past knows this!)

But having a baby girl herself has just fueled the fire. I can't tell you how many monogrammed outfits baby Kennedy owns, or clothes with her name embroidered on them.

Every season, every event and every holiday usually has not one, not two, maybe not even just three outfits for her to wear. (This may be helpful later - think stars who wear one outfit to the awards ceremony and then change for the after party.) Kennedy is ready for anything and everything.

And, hey, if it means her mom will send me more pictures, who am I to argue!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Book is at Barnes & Noble!

I had no idea my book was online with Barnes and Noble!

In These Days of Cell Phones, Texting & Social Media...Can The Nest Ever Truly Be Empty?

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Visiting Kennedy. (And her parents)

Somehow we made it through five weeks without seeing Kennedy. (Hey! At this stage five weeks was a third of her life!)

It helped that John and I were on a Mediterranean Cruise with some extra days in Barcelona for part of that time. But we were anxious to get down to Charleston as soon as possible.

We arrived on a Wednesday night and kept her out of daycare on Thursday so we could play with her. We took her for a long walk in her stroller, read to her, sang to her, danced with her, tried to teach her to say Nana, Papa and hi, etc. etc. She's a happy baby and an absolute joy to be around!

The long weekend didn't feel long at all. In fact it flew by! We kept her so her parents could go out for their second anniversary dinner Friday night and spent Saturday helping them get ready for their annual pig pickin. Sunday we went downtown to Second Sunday on King St. and then took all three of them out to dinner as our anniversary present to them. Monday we had to head home. My arms feel empty :(

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kennedy visits Hickory!

Brittany and Dan brought Kennedy to Hickory last weekend! Best. Weekend. Ever!

It was just so special having her in our house!! And picturing her in future years playing in Brittany's playroom and bedroom which are still completely set up like a little girl's playroom.

We took them to the Farmer's Market:

Showed them other places in town that had changed since Brittany was here last. Neighbors dropped in to meet her and they came to church with us. (And met lots more friends.)

Then we took her out on the lake for her first boat ride. Somewhere along the line she must have seen the Titanic movie. She is clearly recreating the "I'm King of the World" scene!

The weekend went way too fast:

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