Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas with Kennedy Part 2

Brittany treats Kennedy like her own little dolly. Constantly dressing her up for every occasion. You can only imagine how much more so on Christmas weekend! :)

Winter morning at Hickory's newest park

Embroidered nativity on her beautiful Christmas Eve dress at church

Opening a special gift from her parents on Christmas Eve in a beautiful box they'll use every year: Reindeer theme pjs, a book about a Reindeer who thinks he's a dog, a stuffed reindeer and little yogurt treats.
Putting out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa in her new jammies

Ready to open presents on Christmas morning

After church, headed out to deliver cookies to the Fire Department

And finally getting ready to go to our neighbors' for a big festive Christmas dinner party!

Wonderful Christmas made even more special by K and her parents' visit!

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Christmas with Kennedy Part 1

Kennedy saw her first decorated tree this year at her other grandparents over the Thanksgiving holiday.

She's a great sport when her mom dresses her up for fun pictures!

Going to the Charleston Christmas Parade

A live nativity with her parents

And finally...FINALLY...coming to Hickory to spend Christmas with us!

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Seeing Things Anew Through Kennedy's Eyes

Everything just seems more fun when we watch Kennedy experience it for the first time.

Her first trip to the dentist!

The Cubs winning the World Series (although that was pretty darn exciting anyway!)


The little unicorn above looks like she's ready to break out in a disco dance!

Fall in general!

And watching her learn to play with dolls! Mothering really is a natural instinct!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Enjoying Charleston with Baby K

During our week long K Kamp we did a little craft a day. 

We really enjoyed the Children's Museum

And reading

The Little Gym

Best Friends Train Museum

A Bubbles program at the library

The McCleod Plantation

Meeting her new daycare teacher in the Toddler Room

And swimming and playing and dancing and singing :)
It was a blast!

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K Kamp

All year John and I had planned on spending a week in August taking care of Kennedy because the school where her daycare is located closes down for a week before school starts.

We were going to call it K Kamp and I had activities planned for everyday.

A couple days prior, Brittany was picking Kennedy up from daycare and saw a sign reminding K-12 grades that the school would be closed for a week. She asked about the daycare and was told that would be open.

She said, "My mom is going to cry."

We went anyway!

And it was great!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kennedy is "dedicated" at church

The day after Kennedy's first birthday party, she was dedicated at church.

I grew up in the Lutheran church where babies are baptized, but this non-denominational church dedicates their babies. (Which makes sense!)

Somehow Brittany pulled together a lovely breakfast for all of us before church. The service was great and we all liked their minister.

So glad to see Kennedy with a church to grow up in. Praying she loves her church family and stays close to God always!

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