Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Grandmother’s Club

When I was expecting Brittany I felt like I was joining The Moms’ Club. Something I’d never known existed until I started letting women know I was pregnant.

Suddenly ladies who were already moms seemed more interested in me. They fell all over themselves offering me advice, maternity clothes and inviting me to do things with them. It was a little surreal.

Well, guess what? Now that I’ve found out I’m going to become a grandmother, I’ve discovered there’s a Grandmothers’ Club too! Everyone I know who is a grandparent has rushed to tell me “There is nothing like it” and “Just wait! It’s the best thing ever!”

So I’ve happily joined the club and while I’m waiting, I’m shopping. But only to keep Brittany from shopping.

Let me explain.

Brittany and Dan had just come up with a very strict budget before finding out they were expecting. And knowing Brittany like I do I knew the baby would be a wonderful reason for her to go on shopping sprees. So I suggested she wait until after her baby-shower to see what she needed. She agreed that was a good idea.

Not long after saying that, John and I went to visit them and Brittany and I decided to just “take a peek” at the Carters Outlet. And I bought two sets of clothes. I could tell that if at least one of us bought something for the baby Brittany could hold off. (And I must say it was a good thing we didn’t know the sex at that point because the little boy and little girl items were beyond precious!)

On our next weekend visit we knew the baby was a girl and again just stopped into a baby store to “look.” They were having a sale and Brittany kept picking up things that were both adorable and “a steal”, so again I bought. (I’m going to her shower after all and will need a gift.)

A couple weeks later she visited us and I took her to a baby store a friend had told me about. This time I was the one pulling tiny dresses off the rack to show her. I had to stop myself because really they are labeled 0-3 months and 3-6 months for a reason. They outgrow that size in about 90 days or less! So we shouldn’t fill her closet with more outfits then days in that size!

Brittany agreed with that too. But, the next time we were at her house she asked if John would go with Dan to pick up a dresser for the baby’s room that she had ordered. Later that day we went to Lowe’s to buy a closet system for the nursery. And soon after we returned to Hickory she called to tell me “the rocking chair for the baby’s room just came in.”

And I decided to stop trying to intervene. Brittany has always been able to outspend me, I can’t keep up. It’s against my nature. So I’m going to sit back and wait for little Kennedy to make her appearance. Because I’ve heard that one of those “best things ever” about being a grandparent is being able to watch your own child “handle” theirs!

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