Saturday, July 4, 2015


Brittany’s pregnancy went fast! She had four showers which were all lovely and great fun.

And we really saw the power of Facebook at them! I had made one remark on my page that Brittany really liked Kennedy’s monogram: KSR. And every other gift seemed like it was monogrammed! Even a book bag and a little robe and slippers!

I can’t wait to put her little head in a turban, teeny tiny cucumber slices on her eyes and put on her robe and slippers. We’ll have a spa day!!

One of my friends gave me a “Grandma bag” ( pretty pink tote) filled with books to read to Kennedy and a Baby book to fill out for myself!

It was all really fun!

But nothing prepared me for being in the room when Kennedy was born. They induced Brittany on Saturday, June 20th about 8:30 in the morning. John and I arrived at 1 pm and not long after that she began to push. (For two hours). John had to move to the waiting room, but Dan and I stayed and “helped”!

Literally I held my breath and pushed against her leg every time she pushed!

Just when I had decided we weren’t getting anywhere, the doctor uncovered a tray of tools and the staff began to get in different positions; like all their encouragements to Brittany all afternoon was just to keep her going. They didn’t really expect anything to happen.

Until now!

Suddenly the doctor was holding Kennedy up for all to see! (And she was a mess! Bless her heart – just covered with icky stuff!!) But I got choked up and I hugged Dan and saw tears in his eyes too.

I followed the nursery nurse over to the scale while everyone else tended to Brittany. I watched them measure her chest and head, listen to her heart, take her hand and feet prints and rub her down with a dry towel.

And then!

They let me hold her!!

And I never wanted to put her down!! She was so pure, so tiny, so sweet, and so completely dependent; I knew I’d do anything she asked for the rest of my life!

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