Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Home Stretch

Brittanys wedding is two weeks away. If I stopped getting ready for it right now, it would still happen.

Its tempting.

My sister told me when she heard that it would be a 14 month engagement that I would regret it because I would feel like we had enough time to make it perfect.

And while I dont regret it, I do see what she means.

I thought we were so far ahead since we had picked out all the big stuff a year ago. The venue, the DJ, the florist, the menu, the photographer... We were on top of it! And its not like Brittany and I dont discuss it on the phone everyday. It seemed like everything was going so smoothly, and we'd be able to pat ourselves on the back and more or less coast into the big event.

But some things that I had gotten out of the way early need to be done again. Pressure washing done in the spring, bushes trimmed, trees cut back, even some painting that John did early this summer doesnt look that fresh. I really need to redo ALL of it in the next two weeks!

And of course all the storms have made it hard to get my yard in shape. Sometimes Ive wished that I had let her have the wedding in Charleston. I could just pack my suitcase, lock up the house and go party!

Weve also changed our minds about a lot of things related to the ceremony and reception and have gone 180 degrees in a different direction in some cases. I was putting together time lines for the weekend today and rereading emails Brittany and I have been sending back and forth all year and was surprised by all the changes weve made. (Which we wouldnt have had time for with a four month engagement!) And as the changes were made closer and closer to the event we stopped trying to get the best deal and just did whatever it took to make it happen in time. (And be perfect.)

So my sister was right. There seemed like there was plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding. And because of that Ill keep on trying until the very last minute.

But I promise you this. On the wedding day Im locking the door behind me and Im going to party!

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