Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas with Kennedy Part 2

Brittany treats Kennedy like her own little dolly. Constantly dressing her up for every occasion. You can only imagine how much more so on Christmas weekend! :)

Winter morning at Hickory's newest park

Embroidered nativity on her beautiful Christmas Eve dress at church

Opening a special gift from her parents on Christmas Eve in a beautiful box they'll use every year: Reindeer theme pjs, a book about a Reindeer who thinks he's a dog, a stuffed reindeer and little yogurt treats.
Putting out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa in her new jammies

Ready to open presents on Christmas morning

After church, headed out to deliver cookies to the Fire Department

And finally getting ready to go to our neighbors' for a big festive Christmas dinner party!

Wonderful Christmas made even more special by K and her parents' visit!

I just had to add this! If you ask Kennedy for a kiss, she'll lean in and "allow you" to kiss her forehead!

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