Friday, January 22, 2016

Road Trip with Baby K

We were delighted when Brittany and Kennedy decided to travel to Chicago with us for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Dan couldn't get off work, but it was important to Brittany that Kennedy meet my mom and my three sisters and their families.

The bad news was that we had to make the twelve hour drive in one day because Brittany had to work Tuesday.

They arrived at our house late Tuesday night and we loaded up our car and took off Wednesday morning.

Kennedy could not have been better! (She slept a lot!)

It was so much fun showing her to everyone and just being with her. Getting her up in the morning, (there is nothing like feeding her that first bottle when she's staring into my eyes with her little hands gripped on the bottle) walking her around on my hip showing her things, talking to her...

On the way home we did break up the trip, staying at a hotel in Kentucky. Again she was a little champ!

Much to be thankful for!

Above with my mom, making 4 generations

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