Sunday, January 24, 2016

Christmas Visit

Because we were with Brittany and Kennedy for Thanksgiving, I encouraged Brittany to visit Dan's family over the actual Christmas holiday again this year.

They were home by the day after and we arrived that evening!

It actually worked out well for an unexpected reason. Kennedy had had a cold for several days, but John and I had planned to keep her out of daycare that Monday to play with her anyway. After Brittany got off work that night she took Kennedy in to make sure it wasn't anything more serious, and it was. RSV. We were told to use an inhaler twice a day, a humidifier while she slept, give her lots of fluids and keep her out of daycare for a week. She was highly contagious!

So we kept her Tuesday, Dan was off Wednesday (the day we went home) and Brittany off Thursday through Sunday for the New Year's holiday. By the following Monday she was over it.

And I had a cold!

It was worth it though. Lucky for us she never really acted that sick. She's such a happy baby and it was a joy to be with her, quarantined or not!

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