Friday, April 1, 2016

Kennedy's First Easter

We just got back from nearly a week in Charleston over Easter. What a difference there is between eight and nine months! Kennedy is interacting and laughing and as busy as a little bee!

She loves to make noise: whether she's crinkling up plastic or paper, ripping pages out of magazines, scratching her nails across fabric or banging two items together (metal, wood, plastic - doesn't matter.)

And she's never still for more than a few minutes. She has a funny crawl, where she bends one leg up so she's kind of on her knee on one side and her foot on the other. We call it her crab crawl. Crazy, but she can move across the floor really fast doing it!

And there is nothing better than having her crawl up to you and sit with her arms up for you to lift her!
My heart melts every time!

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