Friday, June 17, 2016

I wrote a little story book for Kennedy's 1st Birthday!

The Day You Were Born

There’s a special place in heaven filled with babies waiting to be born.

It’s a happy place as you can imagine and all the Angels want the job of taking care of them!

One especially beautiful morning little Kennedy noticed extra excitement in the air. The Angels were fluttering around washing baby faces and combing their hair.

“Someone is going to be born today!” Kennedy thought. “What if it’s me?”

Suddenly Jesus arrived! The babies crawled to him as fast as they could. They loved Jesus!! He picked them up and hugged them. He touched each of their cheeks and gave them kisses.

And then he picked Kennedy up.

“Kennedy. I can tell you now your full name is Kennedy Rae Smith. And you have two wonderful parents waiting for you right now! You are going to love them! They even have two dogs!”

Then Jesus hugged her extra tight and said, “And remember, Kennedy. I will be with you always! You can come to me anytime you need anything!!”

The next thing Kennedy knew, a woman doctor was holding her up to show her to two people. And she was freezing because she didn’t have any clothes on!

The doctor laid her on her mommy and that was better. She looked up at her daddy who had tears in his eyes. He seemed nice!

Then people took her away to scrub her skin and weigh her and measure her.

Finally they put her under a warm lamp for a few minutes and then another lady who called herself Nana picked her up and carried her around telling her how much she loved her and how she would always be there for her.

Later another man called Papa came in. He had tears in his eyes too! He held her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

By this time her mommy had dressed her up in a cute peach outfit and hat. She was warm and clean. And a little tired from all the activity.

After all the people held up little boxes over and over again (she wasn’t sure what that was all about, but they kept saying “That’s a good one for Facebook”) they finally put her in a crib to sleep.

Before she closed her eyes though she looked around the room and saw Jesus sitting in a rocking chair! She hadn't realized He was there because when He came into the room in Heaven everyone got excited and ran to meet Him. And that hadn’t happened here.

But there He was; smiling at her. And a warm peaceful, happy feeling filled her tiny body. She waved her little hands, wiggled her little body and smiled at Him… and then she slept.



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